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digitimex.jpg Step back in time

Timex have reached deep into their big bag of archived products and pulled out a plum in the shape of the T80. They’re available in a whole range of colours right now.

There was a time – let’s call it the early 1980s – when if you saw anyone sporting one of these beauties in January, you would know that Santa had been very good to them. They were THE watches to brandish in the playground and a whole different level of WOW when it came to one-upmanship. (“You got a Rubik Cube for Christmas? Yeah? Well check out this little glimpse of the future!”) In the olden days people had to settle for a plain old analogue timepiece, which wasn’t a kick in the arse off relying on a sundial. Positively medieval. But the rise of the digital watch ushered in a whole new era. Suddenly there were buttons to press. Suddenly there were backlights. The future had arrived. And now the future is back with the reintroduction of the Timex T80. It’s toting a date display, stopwatch and – get this! – an alarm. It won’t count how many steps you’ve taken on any given day, but, hey, I’m marking that down as another plus point.

Timex T80 is £60 from timex.co.uk