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duffle19.jpg Get toggled up

If you’re feeling a draught around your nether regions this winter then Uniqlo have the kind of competitively priced duffel coat that will send your bottom into paroxysms of delight.

Is it “duffle” or “duffel”? After much research I’ve discovered there is no correct answer (it’s “duffel” – ed). But during the course of my investigations I learned that the humble duffel coat first came to light in the 19thcentury in the form of military garb. It was picked up by the British Admiralty in the 1890s, which then spread to other forces throughout the 20thcentury (Trevor Howard sports one as Major Calloway in Best British Film of All Time contender ‘The Third Man’). After the Second World War ended there was a surplus of stock and the coat became ubiquitous in the 1950s and early 1960s, particularly among students who accessorised them with a skiffle album under one arm and an existentialist hanging off the other. Today they retain a geeky kind of chic but can cost a fortune. Step forward Uniqlo. Their version is lightweight, yet warm, and has a nice relaxed cut without ever feeling too baggy. More importantly they weigh in at less than 90 quid, which is significantly cheaper than you’ll find elsewhere. Couple one with a draughty basement jazz joint and a craft pint of something or other, and you’ll be laughing.

Wool blend duffel coat, £89.90. uniqlo.com