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Stage Editorial

oximorons19.jpg What are these Oxi-Morons up to?

The Oxi-Morons Theatre Company strive to push theatrical genres into new and interesting directions and they’ve got an exciting new production coming to Northern Stage in January.

I love a good ethos and north-east theatrical troupe The Oxi-Morons have a real doozy. They aim to search for truthful storytelling by dint of challenging theatrical genres. Imagine! In their last couple of shows they have focussed on musical theatre and storytelling through song. In 2018 they produced the fabulous musical ‘The Last Five Years’, which was at Alphabetti, and this January they’re bringing ‘Ordinary Days’ by Adam Gwon to Northern Stage. This show explores 24-hours in the lives of four New Yorkers who are all trying to unravel life’s mysteries in their different ways. It also asks: can you find beauty in even the most ordinary of days? (Spoilers: yes.) This is the north-east premiere of this rarely performed piece and its themes are universal and still relevant today. Brace yourself for rare thrills.

Ordinary Days, Wednesday 22-Saturday 25 January, Stage 2, Northern Stage, Newcastle, 7.30pm (Sat mat 2pm), £15/£10. northernstage.co.uk