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Stage Editorial

mizcracker19.jpg Who is this Cracker?

This Cracker is Miz Cracker and she’s bringing her uproarious ‘American Woman’ show to Newcastle in January.

“American Woman is two things,” says La Cracker. “First of all, the condition that women are living in America, but all over the world right now. So many people have been crying out for women to have basic rights and I needed to respond to that I think as a person with a platform. But then also, when I look out in the audience, on a very real level, 90 percent of the people that I see are women. And I was like, ‘How can I go on doing shows that don’t acknowledge who my audience is?’ And it’s time with this show to do that.” If all that sounds overly earnest then rest assured the message is wrapped up in some of the most frivolous, fun and – maybe just very occasionally – vulgar entertainment that you’re likely to have all year. Miz Cracker is one of the real breakout stars of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ and she will be joined tonight by a host of friends from her native New York.

Miz Cracker’s American Woman, Friday 31 January, O2 Academy, Newcastle, 7pm, £23.25. academymusicgroup.com/o2academynewcastle