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Queer Editorial

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If you’re in need a laugh, then this lot will sort you right out…

Despite my end-of-year flu bout I want to end 2019 on a lighter note and share my new year Quiver Comedy Awards. When things get tough these are my go-to shows and channels that keep the light at the end of the tunnel. In third place, and one of the most popular things I ever share (I can’t believe more people don’t know about it) is the website Terrible Real Estate Agent Photographs. As I write, the most popular images are “This Christmas, turn your house into an actual advent calendar” – the shot is an inexplicable shamble of interior doors in a single room. And the next most popular: “Reminiscent of the bathrooms in the Palace of Versailles, if the bathrooms in the Palace of Versailles had been decorated on a tight budget in the 1970s.” This photo is of an inner sanctum of hygiene that defies any description other than the one it has been given by the genius who writes the copy. In second place is a new discovery, an Instagram account and online shop called Obvious Plant. I am not really sure how to flesh out the concept of Obvious Plant; it’s a collection of toys, novelty goods and strange plastic objects that form either a searing critique on our throwaway culture or a serious retail outlet. Or maybe it’s both. A couple of hours perusing their Insta account will just fly by – look out for “Sky Toilet”, “Leg – Just Leg”, “My First Prescription”, “Very Far Away Horse” and “Buildings I Want to Punch”. And in the top spot is a short sketch from Vic and Bob’s Big Night Out (most recent series shown on BBC 4 in Nov/Dec 19). The whole show is superb, but one item made me spit my tea all over the keyboard the first time I saw it. Picture a lovely owl sitting quietly on a sunny tree branch. Then a hand appears in the shot, a sort of selfie stick with a mini hand on the end. This is Orno Wonder Wand by “Infinity Rocket Plastics” which allows you to draw power from birds which leads to really long legs. You can find it, and the rest of the show on iPlayer. We need to laugh. Happy New Year everyone. You’re welcome.