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Stage Editorial

johnshuttle19.jpg Back! Back! BACK!

John Shuttleworth’s back. Not only is that a statement of fact, it’s also the title of his latest tour: ‘John Shuttleworth’s Back’. I’m in.

Why has John Shuttleworth not been knighted yet? It’s a ruddy disgrace. Along with David Attenborough and H out of Steps he’s surely right up in the pantheon of Greatest Living Englishmen. Sheffield’s finest singer/songwriter/raconteur hasn’t toured for a number of years, so his army of fans – of which I am one – will be chomping at the bit for some more of his magic. His promoter notes: “The show is about his back [hence the ‘John Shuttleworth’s Back’ title]. It’s been giving him trouble, you see. Years of strenuous DIY, not to mention playing his organ whilst perched upon a multi-pack of Diet Sprite with no lumber support, has taken a heavy toll on the former Comet employee. But – ever the trouper – John will brave the stage to regale audiences with an evening of classic compositions (plus brand new songs and hilarious back stories), pausing no doubt only to reapply his deep heat rub.”

John Shuttleworth, Saturday 22 February, Tyne Theatre & Opera House, Newcastle, 7.30pm, £18.50/£16.50. tynetheatreandoperahouse.uk