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Music Editorial

insomnium19.jpg Game of Thrones has let itself go

If you’re not in the mood for some melodic death metal from Finland in January then you’re never in the mood for some melodic death metal. Brace yourself for Insomnium.

Hang on! Wasn’t Insomnium the name of Peter Andre’s aftershave? (That was Insania – ed.) No matter. This Finnish bunch of reprobates have been hitting us up with the very best in darkness, sorrow, loss and pain for twenty odd years now (some of them very odd indeed), and are showing no signs of slacking. They have released eight studio albums including last year’s ‘Heart Like A Grave’, which landed last October. It was their first release to feature new band member Jani Liimatainen and boy, does he bring the mega-watt mayhem. The album received plenty of critical slaps on the back for its ability to harness Finnish melancholy in a truly awesome manner, drawing inspiration from some of the bleakest tales, lyrics and poems of the north. In other words: it’s ideal for these long and cold January nights. Jump to it.

Insomnium, Saturday 25 January, Riverside, Newcastle, 7pm, £15. riversidencl.co.uk