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kacyclayton19.jpg Kacy! Clayton! Sorted!

Kacy & Clayton are a Canadian folk/roots duo who, when they get together, conjure up a rare kind of magic. Yes, you heard, magic. They’re playing Sage Gateshead on 1 February.

I’ve made faces behind the back of The Crack editor every time I’ve seen him over the past few weeks for the simple fact that he ignored all of my imploring, verging on unseemly begging, to include Kacy & Clayton’s ‘Carrying On’ long-player in The Crack’s Albums of the Year round-up. Arsehole. It’s a magnificent release, an electronic/acoustic thing of joy, twangy, rhythmic, baroque on occasion, and gently frazzled when it needs to be. It harks back to 70s country sounds, and other rootsy/Americana off-shoots, but it’s never in thrall to them. It’s also full of warmth and no little charm and it certainly helps that the pair know how to pen a knockout, psych-folk, melody. And their sweet songs are often laced with something stronger as they invariably sing of jealousy, murder and graveyards, which, hey, is cool with me too. Find out what The Crack editor’s missing by seeing them at the Sage in early February.

Kacy & Clayton, Saturday 1 February, Sage Gateshead, 7.45pm, £14.20. sagegateshead.com