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Music Editorial

novatwins19.jpg Super Novas

What ARE Nova Twins? It would probably be more pertinent to ask: what aren’t they? Find out when they bring their extraordinarily maximalist sound to The Cluny in early February.

Say “Hi! How’s it muthafucking going?” to bassist Georgia South and vocalist/guitarist Amy Love. The south-east London duo have not only the coolest names in alt-rock, but also a sound that just can’t be pinned down. Love belts out her gravelly vocals in the manner of 1970s R&B soul ranter Betty Davis and she does so over a backdrop of bass-heavy rock, pop-punk, hip-hop, grimy EDM and anything else that happens to catch their fancy. At times they sound like Missy Elliott fronting up Rage Against The Machine, or maybe Skunk Anansi partying hard with Princess Nokia. Thus far they have released a clutch of very-well received EPs but 2020 should see them unleashing their debut album, which, a little bird tells me (ie their press release), is being produced by the legendary Jim Abbiss (who has previously done the biz for Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian and Adele – ie, he’s no slouch). I imagine their gig at The Cluny is going to go off like an alarm clock in a biscuit tin.

Nova Twins, Monday 3 February, Cluny 2, Ouseburn, Newcastle, 7.30pm, £8. thecluny.com