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maddypic19.jpg Madeleine Smyth

Oh wow! I love this pic of Madeleine Smyth nearly as much as I love her music. (And let me tell you, I really, really, really fucking love this pic…)

Madeleine Smyth is originally from Hartlepool, but she honed her sound down in London where she’s just graduated from Goldsmith’s. And what a sound! Her debut EP came out on 10 December (on Scratched Records) and it features four tracks of rare and unusual beauty. Her sonics don’t sound played, so much as conjured up from somewhere out of the ether. Skittering beats collide quite gloriously with strings, with her breathy vocals sailing betwixt and between. They sound less like songs and more like incantations, as if Aphex Twin was covering the Cocteau Twins (The Cocteau Aphex Twins?). Other comparisons include Grimes (dream-pop ahoy!) and Bjork (general otherworldliness). Apparently she began playing the viola at school and then branched out into electronics, and, upon immersing myself in this EP for the best part of a week, I think it’s safe to say that it was a pretty nifty bit of branching. The EP is up on Spotify etc – now! – and you should keep checking her Facebook for future live dates.

Seek: facebook.com/madeleinesmythmusic