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Music Editorial

trunkyjuno19.jpg Trunky Juno

As you can see, Trunky Juno has got sole. More than one. I wouldn’t call him a soul singer, though…

All throughout 2019 I kept an eye on Durham’s Trunky Juno, mainly because I’m very partial to playful electronica-pop that sounds like it’s been constructed by someone who hasn’t left their bedroom for three months (see also Liverpool’s Pizzagirl). Releases such as ‘Patrick Swayze’ (“Well I’m Patrick Swayze, and I’m watching you missing me…”) and ‘Small Town’ – which sounded like Father John Misty dabbling in hook-filled DIYisms – were exhibit A, and exhibit B, in the case for Trunky Juno’s worth. He ended the year by releasing ‘It’s A Trip’, which was a lament on the trials and tribulations of modern life. Sonically it came over like an off-cut from MGMT’s breakthrough ‘Oracular Spectacular’ album, with its wibbly, slightly off-kilter melody and in-the-gutter-but-looking-at-the-stars aesthetic. He’s already been snapped up by Silent Kid Records, who obviously know a good thing when they hear it. Let’s hope they’re currently camped in his bedroom with a cattle-prod, and urging him to get an album ready for release in 2020.

Seek: facebook.com/TrunkyJuno