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Our Crack Little Crack

elect.jpg General Election

It’s the General Election this week. It’s not the same these days though, is it? It’s become too commercial. The true meaning has been lost. Or is that Christmas? Anyway. I won’t say who I’m voting for but rest assured I’m quietly confident that I’m going to be smiling come Friday morning. Who am I trying to kid? I’m not quietly confident in the least. I’m the opposite of quietly confident - whatever that is. Loudly shitting myself? That’s it! That’s exactly it! And I’ve been loudly shitting myself for a full month now. Day in, day out. But in among all the electioneering waffle, this quote from author Joanne Harris stood out for me: “I remember when we had: a working NHS; free university education; public libraries; an integrated national railway service; subsided bus fares. We had these things. They were normal. And they were taken away from us by the same people who are now calling such things impossible.”