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Our Crack Little Crack

princeed.jpg It's Prince Edward I Feel Sorry For

I see Prince Andrew is withdrawing from public life to spend more time with his castles and unimaginable wealth. It’s a shame for him obviously but the person I feel sorry for – apart from all of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims, of course, who I’m sure Andrew mentioned in his interview, in footage that was no doubt expunged by the virulent anti-royal brigade at the BBC – is Prince Edward. I can’t actually recall the last day I didn’t see, hear or read about Edward’s unstinting workload. The fella never stops and now that Andrew is out of the picture, I fear the amount of hours he’s going to have to put in – day in, day out – are going to prove just too much for him. He’s only slender, you know! In other news I’ve just realised that I hate joggers. And I don’t mean the common or garden saps you see trudging around the streets on the verge of a coronary. I’m happy for them to get on with it. It’s the smug joggers that I don’t like. The ones who – not content to heft their own weight around – insist on wearing weighted backpacks too. WTF? I’m with Joan Rivers on jogging. She said: “The first time I see a jogger smiling, I’ll consider it.” Damn right.