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Art Editorial

vermeerglass.jpg You know who this is, right?

It’s that lass with the pearl earring, innit? WRONG! Find out exactly who it is by visiting ‘Through the Looking Glass’ at the National Glass Centre (or reading the article below).

Look around you. Do it now. Chances are you can see at least one window (unless you’re one of our regular vampyric readers having a daytime browse). Windows are literally everywhere but we rarely acknowledge their presence. Redressing that woeful imbalance is Caroline and Maisie Broadhead who are presenting a body of work that considers how we perceive what we see when we look into, or out of, a window. Caroline Broadhead: “I wanted to explore what I could do with the combination of transparency and space. I was fascinated by the idea of intimating solidity but with hollow, brittle forms in ‘Stool with Glass Legs’ and ‘Chair with Glass Legs’.” At first glance, Maisie Broadhead’s piece ‘The Girl with a…?’ looks like the famous Vermeer. But on closer inspection, visitors can open the glass door to find a photograph of the artist herself, all dolled-up, with a ping-pong ball earring. It’s symbolic of the perception we have and how easily things can be distorted.

Through the Looking Glass, until 8 March, National Glass Centre, Liberty Way, Sunderland. nationalglasscentre.com