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beatlesxmas19.jpg It’s nearly Christmas! Help!

I wouldn’t usually go down the Christmas jumper route but when I saw this Beatles inspired number I let out a little yelp of yuletide joy.

I love the blurb on the press release for this jumper. Along with all the flannel about it being a “unisex design and fit” and how it is “100% knitted (not printed)” it states: “Can be worn all year round”. Hang on! Does that not apply to any garment ever made? Of course it can be worn all year round! Who’s going to stop you? The Christmas jumper police? That said, would you want to wear a jumper emblazoned with Santa and his reindeers streaking across the sky in, say, March? (The usual answer to that question would be: of course not, but I love this Beatles jumper so much that I’d be tempted to shove it on in July. Even if I was in Dubai.) It features the iconic artwork from the front of the Beatles’ ‘Help!’ album – with the fab four spelling out the word in semaphore – which, hey, is a very handy word to have emblazoned across the front of your chest during the festive season. What else do you need to know? That it’s made from premium quality yarn for extra comfort and is an official Beatles product? You got it!

Beatles Christmas jumper, £34.99. geekstore.com