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purplepeacock19.jpg Fancy a purple one this Christmas…

A purple one? No, not the Quality Street. I’m talking about The Purple Peacock, Newcastle’s very swanky new eatery.

When I first heard the phrase ‘Bottomless Drunch’ I assumed it was either: the latest bikini in Kylie Jenner’s 2020 Spring/Summer range; or, a new strain of Pokemon. Turns out I was wrong on both counts. A Bottomless Drunch, in actual fact, is a new afternoon thing at The Purple Peacock, which is served everyday between 3-6pm. ‘Drunch’ is a play on Brunch (ie it’s served between dinner and lunch) and ‘Bottomless’ means you can neck as much fizz as you fancy in your ninety-minute time slot. The food includes three small plates - of which more in a mo - and the fizz depends on which package you buy: Prosecco (£30), Laurent-Perrier (£45), or Laurent-Perrier Rose (£60). (If you don’t like bubbles then you can take the lager option at 30 quid.)

The restaurant itself is what my mother would call “very snazzy”. It’s got one of those busy but not-over-doing decors that aims for the opulent and decadent and just about hits the mark.The food is what my mother would call “Chinese” but everyone else calls Asian-fusion. Those small plates for instance include a multitude of delights and take in things like Hirata Pork Buns (pork shoulder braised in a mix of garlic, chilli and homemade spices and served in a Japanese Hirata bun); Fried Lentil Doughnuts (homemade crispy lentil donuts served with masala sauce and roasted red peppers); and Wasabi Scallops (scallops lightly seared in garlic butter, served with a sharp wasabi pea puree).

Their signature dishes - which serve a minimum of two people - include things like Tamarind Tomahawk (a beast of a steak with all 32oz chargrilled in butter and served with charred corn, chilli butter and Kimchi slaw) and an extravagant Seafood Cauldron (fresh mussels, squid, prawns and scallops cooked in coconut milk, chillies, coriander and lemon grass).

On the drinks front, they’ve very big on champagnes and wines. They also have an extravagant amount of gins and tonics as well as vodka, rum, whiskey (mine’s a Haig Club, thanks) and beers. And seeing as it’s December, they’ve decided to sort out some Christmas stuff too involving various buffets and all manner of drink packages. In short: this Peacock really knows how to strut its stuff.

The Purple Peacock, 55 Degrees North, Pilgrim Street, Newcastle. purplepeacockncl.co.uk