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Art Editorial

holyblue19.jpg Mudd, sweat and tears

Tyneside-based artist Sam Anthony Mudd’s first solo exhibition in four years documents a particularly turbulent period in his life. You can see it at Shieldfield Art Works in December.

Sam Anthony Mudd’s work runs the gamut from the abstract to the figurative and each piece is essentially a building block that adds up to an unconventional portrait of the artist. ‘Still Human, Barely’ is his first solo show in four years and looks at work he completed between 2016-2019. This was a difficult period in his life where his interest in the arts was brought into question (as portrayed in his five-part series, ‘The Posenenske Dilemma’). He attempted to capture the on-going conflict within himself and what remains of his humanity as an individual diagnosed with High Functioning Autism, Social Anxiety and Clinical Depression, conditions which have played a significant role in many of his creative endeavours. Throughout the duration of the exhibition visitors will have an opportunity to partake in a collaborative “audience-participation’ art project entitled ‘EGOCENTRIC 2019’, a six-part questionnaire where the answers are intentionally left open to interpretation with a view to him creating “visual noise pieces” using collected submissions.

Still Human, Barely, 5-14 December, Shieldfield Art Works (Holy Biscuit), 1 Clarence Street, Newcastle, NE2 1YH. Free, 11am-4pm (Tues-Sat). saw-newcastle.org