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Art Editorial

womanshouse19.jpg Tyneside flat! Transformed!

No. 126 on Talbot Road in South Shields has been turned into ‘Woman’s House’, an exhibition/installation/call-it-what-you-will, which investigates female identity, domesticity and art through BAMER and LGBTQ perspectives.

I’m a big fan of seeing places where people live turned into art. My favourite exhibition last year, for instance, was ‘Bobby Baker’s Great & Tiny War’, an astonishing installation at a terraced house in Fenham, which shone a light on the role of women during wartime and the impact of conflicts, historical and contemporary, on the mental health of whole families through generations. ‘Women’s House’, in South Shields, was inspired by Judy Chicago. Chicago is best known for her feminist masterpiece ‘The Dinner Party’ (1974-79) and you can currently see a major survey of her work at BALTIC. Two local artists, Padma Rao and Miki Z, have turned 126 Talbot Road into a truly creative space, bringing together their narratives in an immersive environment. And as well as collaborating on their work, they have invited local woman to make creative responses to feminist issues. Drop them a line if you’d like a gander.

Woman’s House, Makaan Art Gallery, 126 Talbot Road, South Shields. Viewing by appointment until 20 December. For more information email: projectsangini@gmail.com