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Queer Editorial

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There’s a general election coming up this month. Time to use your vote wisely.

I will be voting Labour for one reason, and one reason alone; I don’t want a hard-right Tory party in control of our Parliament. Because while voting Labour is no magic wand, nor is it a perfect one-size-fits-all solution to our national or international issues, it is the ONLY way to avoid a hard-right Conservative mandate for the next four to eight years. Set everything else aside and think about what another near-decade with the Tories could be opening the door on: the UK as the 51stUS state; the NHS sold off to anyone with enough cash to see it as a serious investment opportunity; the national independence promised by Brexit at the cost of all the trade “deals” we’ll have to settle for. (See previous point re NHS). Shitter food, even shittier employment, housing and welfare rights and the continued enablement of a divisive rhetoric created to keep us at each other’s throats and away from the real culprits who’ve got us into this mess. Culprits who will probably make masses of cash out of the chaos. Don’t believe me? Just go and look up disaster capitalism, check out the economic texts that some Brexiteer’s fathers are famous for. Look up the hedge funders who made a killing in the EU referendum result aftermath and who can’t wait for the same money flood from a no-deal or crap-deal Brexit. And do you know what? If Brexit were really a way to create opportunity for decent hard-working folk, then I’d not be keen, but I’d give it the benefit of the doubt. But the people – in power – pushing the agenda are looking out for themselves and/or their very rich friends. That makes me sick to my stomach. To see a Moggmentumsticker in the window of a house on a poverty-stricken housing estate tells me the power mongers have sunk lower than I thought humanly possible. So, I will be voting Labour because I want the Tories out. It’s that simple. We can argue about everything else later. The alternative doesn’t bear thinking about.