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Art Editorial

squareapple.jpg Cubist apple, anyone?

The North East Photography Network are presenting a new exhibition at the Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens exploring the relationship between photography, science, technology and health.

The exhibition features the UK premiere of ‘A Guide to Flora and Fauna of the World’ by Singaporean visual artist Robert Zhao Renhui (that’s his ‘Square Apple’, pictured) whose practise investigates our relationship with nature, interweaving the real and the fictional and invoking doubt in viewers about the objectivity of the image before them. Entitled ‘Observe, Experiment, Archive’ the show brings together the work of eight contemporary photographic artists and reflects on how their art has been informed by historical collections, scientific innovations and our rapidly changing world. From fertility treatment and oceanic plastic pollution to pedigree bulls and star gazing this wide ranging exhibition features four world premieres including two new commissions by Northern photographic artists, Tessa Bunney and Liza Dracut.

Observe, Experiment, Archive, until 5 January, Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens. sunderlandmuseum.org.uk