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Art Editorial

opdahl19.jpg Looks nice out…

One of Scandinavia’s foremost artists Ørnulf Opdahl is showing his stunning landscapes at the Gallaher & Turner gallery.

Ørnulf Opdahl’s paintings are imbued with the kind of drama that the Royal Shakespeare Company would be proud of. He specialises in landscapes and it certainly helps that he comes from Norway, a country which has all the ingredients for some of the most thrilling views in the world. His lyrically charged works draw on the contrasting light of the rising fjords, islands and wild seas of the Northern European coastlines. The landscape of the Sunmore mountains and nearby fjords of Opdahl’s native Ålesund in Western Norway continue to move him greatly, in a symbiotic relationship as ever-evolving as the coastline itself. These lands have an intense power over the people that dwell there, vicious storms and avalanches a constant remainder of the mercilessness of nature. This exhibition brings together a new collection of watercolours, a medium that truly highlights his ability to capture those luminous atmospheres through washed textures and incandescent colour.

Ørnulf Opdahl: Landscapes of the Northern Hemisphere: 29 November-17 January, Gallagher & Turner, St Mary’s Place, Newcastle. gallagherandturner.co.uk