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Stage Editorial

bonnfann19.jpg Bonnie! Fanny! Sorted!

When Your Aunt Fanny and Bonnie and the Bonnettes get together expect things to end messily.

I wonder if Live Theatre have thought this one through. Two of the region’s most outré theatrical troupes together. On one bill. Intermingling. It’s like mixing nitro glycerine with yet more nitro glycerine. But whatever happens it’s bound to become seared into your memory bank. They’re aiming to celebrate Christmas the only way that they know how, with Santa sackfuls of all things comedy and all things cabaret. There will be sketches, songs, lip-syncs, dances, stories and the sort of unapologetic raucousness that you usually only find at the most debauched of Christmas works parties. If you want a vision of the future imagine someone metaphorically photocopying their metaphorical arse, forever.

Bonnie & Fanny’s Christmas Spectacular, Wednesday 11-Saturday 14 December, Live Theatre, Newcastle, 8pm, £10-£14 (cons. from £6). www.live.org.uk