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Stage Editorial

onemoresleep19.jpg Attention under 5s

‘One More Sleep’ is Gala’s Christmas show made especially for the under 5s and it’s packing all kinds of enchantments.

While Gala’s panto ‘Aladdin’ is currently hitting audiences up with lots of raucous mayhem, it’s good to see that the Durham theatre are also catering for a younger audience. ‘One More Sleep’ has been put together by the team who brought us ‘Mrs Claus’ Kitchen’ and ‘Once Upon A Christmas’, and it promises to be equally as magical. It concerns Roo. She is very excited, so excited she thinks that she might pop. She cannot sit still because it’s Christmas Eve and her dad says that it might snow. Roo has never seen snow before and it’s all she wants for Christmas (well, that, and a shiny new red bike). But dad says you should be careful what you wish for… Join Roo and Mr Pickle as she goes on an unexpected snowy adventure, one that takes her far from home. Can she make it home in time for Christmas? (Spoilers: probably.)

One More Sleep, Monday 2 December-Sunday 29 December, Gala Theatre, Durham, times vary, £7/£8. galadurham.co.uk