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Music Editorial

Patawawa19.jpg Get your Patawawa groove on

There are three of them, they’re from Matlock, and they’re currently riding that indie-disco train to the far reaches of the planet Oh Yeah! (They’re also playing Newcastle in December.)

I’ll tell you who likes Patawawa. That Millie Bobby-Brown, the English actor who plays Eleven in the Netflix smash ‘Stranger Things’. Apparently she used one of the band’s tracks to soundtrack her ‘Florence’ brand of make-up. She’s got extraordinarily good taste, if nothing else. For make no mistake, Patawawa are the tits! Scratch that. They’re the tits with tits on! The trio emerged from the sleepy Peak District town of Matlock full of slink and purpose a couple of years back. But there’s nothing windswept, or dark and moody moors, about them. They’re all about the funk, the soul, the disco. And they write proper songs – not just grooves – that spiral seductively around spine-tingling melodies that hit you in the head, heart and groin simultaneously. Spangly guitar licks, ice-cream vocals and take-me-to-the-dancefloor basslines are their stock in trade and boy do they know how to sell it. They’re super in the live arena, which is good news as they’re playing Newcastle in December. See you somewhere near the front.

Patawawa, Friday 13 December, Think Tank?, Times Square, Newcastle, 7pm, £8. Thinktankncl.co.uk