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Music Editorial

medbabes19.jpg Which one’s your bae?

Nobody dons a flowing gown quite like The Mediaeval Baebes and they’re coming to St. Nicholas’ in Newcastle this December for a gig promising all kinds of classy.

The Mediaeval Baebes came to light 20 years ago when a bunch of friends broke into a cemetery and sang together, clad in white grounds and crowns of ivy. Imagine! They’ve been wowing audiences ever since with their ethereal harmonies while being accompanied by a dazzling array of exotic and period instruments. Katheryn Blake, their musical director, explains the thinking behind their latest tour: “Our new winter show is set to be a vibrant performance that will be moving, amusing, rousing and spell-binding. Our music comes alive when we sing in churches and cathedrals because it was designed to be sung there. We will be celebrating this magical time of year by performing carol classics, in addition to songs from our new album A Pocketful of Posies.’ And if they don’t do the theme from ITV’s ‘Victoria’, which has won them a whole new audience, then I’ll eat by crown of ivy.

The Mediaeval Baebes, Tuesday 17 December, The Cathedral Church of St. Nicholas, Newcastle, 8pm, £25. mediaevalbaebes.com