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Music Editorial

hectorgannet19.jpg Local scene: Hector Gannet

Hector Gannet is a man! And a band! Confused? You wouldn’t be if you’d only just read on…

You want more confusion? Hector Gannet isn’t even his name. It’s Aaron Duff. But he goes under the moniker Hector Gannet and so does his band. Got it? (And if you want to know which one he is, he’s the one with the beard. In the hat. At the front.) Hector Gannet – the entity – hail from the same neck of the creative woods at Sam Fender (ie North Shields) and, indeed, have recently been touring with the man of the moment (Fender: “I just want to thank Hector Gannet. He was a couple of years below me in school and he’s a fucking great songwriter.”) And some of that fucking great songwriting is very much to the fore on the latest Hector Gannet single ‘All Hail, All Glory’, which manages to reference poet Wilfred Owen and arse-kicking revolutionary Boudica. The tune itself is a real flag-waver, a soaring anthem that’s also a great showcase for Hector Gannet’s fleecily warm vocals. Louder Than War magazine declared that the band were Ones To Watch in 2019, and so it has proved with the ink just dry on a new publishing deal that was signed in October. If you’ve a hankering to see them live then they’re playing Pop Recs in Sunderland (7 December) and Bobiks in Newcastle (18 December). Get to it!

Seek: hectorgannet.com