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docmartin.jpg Ulterior Motives

I stopped myself from fretting about Brexit over the weekend by turning my thoughts to other conundrums. Upmost in my mind was the word “ulterior”. What specifically vexed me was this: has the word “ulterior” ever been used in a sentence that doesn’t also contain the word “motive”? WELL HAS IT? I’ve also been giving quite a bit of thought to the ITV programme ‘Doc Martin’. I’ve never seen it but I always assumed it was about a detective solving murders in a sleepy town somewhere down south. But it’s not! Apparently it’s about a doctor. It’s pretty obvious when you consider the “Doc” bit of the title. But, as a rule, I don’t do pretty obvious (sidebar: I hate people who say “I don’t do” – as in “I don’t do mornings” etc – but I’m letting myself off just this once). Another example of me overlooking the blindingly obvious is ‘westerns’. I always thought that ‘westerns’ was just the generic name for films with cowboys in them. It only recently dawned on me that they are so called because they’re set in the West. What a yo-yo. (Another sidebar: I’ve only realised, just this very second, that ‘Doc Martin’ is a pun on Doc Martens. Jesus. What’s wrong with me?)