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Queer Editorial

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The real horrors are not all up on our screens…

The Hallowe’en tradition in our house is to gift sweets to the fancy-dressed kids that come a-knocking with their parents. Then, we settle down with pizza and watch Poltergeist(pictured) and Halloween(the original Carpenter version). After viewing the latter probably 100s of times, it still scares me witless. This year, however, there is no need to watch any films; all I need do is cast eyes down my social media feeds. I never thought anything would frighten me as much as the mute, implacable spectre of Michael Myers in his blue boiler suit and chalky white façade loitering by a hedge, carving knife in hand. But to see the hard Tory right espousing their concern for ‘the people’ when really they are tending to the vested interests of the (disaster) capitalists they protect and serve, makes me sick to my stomach. I voted remain and I’ve not changed my mind. But – and this is important – however flawed our democratic infrastructures and processes, I still believe the referendum result should be respected: the majority chose to leave, so leave we must. That is not up for debate. What I do want to question is the faux concern of these rich, privileged hard right-ers who are aeons away from the lived reality of most people on the street. If you are an uber capitalist excited by the financial opportunities of shorting currency during times of national discord, then all will be well in your world come 31 October. Count your money, enjoy it and know that you got it via this current government pedalling the lie that an at-any-cost Brexit is the only way out of the current impasse. I don’t want to leave, but when we do (remember I respect the result 100%) we need a deal that looks out most for those with nothing, or not very much, not those who are already set up for life, or well on their way. Come on people, whatever side we voted, we have to start seeing that we are not each other’s enemy. A Tory mandate stretching out over the next four, eight or more years is a blasted heath of a sold-off NHS, a divided society rounding on the minorities, fuelled by hatred and poverty. Do we really want to be the 51st state? Do we?