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Art Editorial

conversationsinpainting19.jpg Let’s talk about this

‘Conversations in Painting: Fiesta MK2’ is a multi-venue celebration of painting that connects artists from Tees Valley with a broader UK and international network.

Painting is still my favourite artistic discipline and I’m in absolute clover with this initiative, which is taking over a number of galleries and spaces across the Tees Valley such as Pineapple Black in Middlesbrough. This is where you will find ‘Mountain Size: Contemporary British Painting’ (1-30 November). This features artists curated from the Contemporary British Painting membership that have been selected by CBP board member Gordon Dalton (that’s his work pictured). This show will feature artists whose work has a relationship to landscape. Elsewhere I’m excited for ‘LEGACY: 50 years of painting in the Tees Valley’ at The Auxiliary in Middlesbrough (15 November-12 December). This exhibition brings together the work of 30 artists and will tell a story of painting in Tees Valley spanning 50 years. There will also be a number of talks and seminars including ‘Paint Hard’ at the Northern School of Art (16 November, 12-5pm). This will include short presentations about painting and its ongoing legacy, wider appeal and the rise of supportive physical and online networks.

For more information on Conversations in Painting visit: conversationsinpainting.co.uk