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Our Crack Little Crack

ddtrump.jpg You’ve got to love Trump

You’ve got to love Trump. (And by love I mean keep scratching your head while muttering: “How on earth did this Twitter troll ever get elected.”) The big news last week (apart from the “online influencer” spat between Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy – and on that front, let me tell you, that’s me and Vardy finished – she will NEVER influence me again) was Trump hanging the Kurds out to dry. His justification was the Kurds “didn’t help us with Normandy”. In 1944. To that I say: did anyone actually ask the Kurds for help? The invasion of Normandy was kept kind of secret, wasn’t it? Invites weren’t dished out willy-nilly (also: World War II was a war among states and the Kurds weren’t a state and therefore couldn’t have pitched in even if they’d received a Churchillian nod and a wink). Of course, Trump knows all about going to war as he – just a minute – was decorated for his selfless service in Vietnam. (Oh – hang on – I’ve turned over two pages at once. Trump knows all about going to war because after dodging the draft, through a fake foot injury, he watched a lot of it on the news.)