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Music Editorial

sheelanagig19.jpg Sheelanagig of the month

Feet are sure to be a-stomping when the awesome Sheelanagig bring their party folk to Cluny 2 in November.

I don’t suppose there’s another band touring today who can take European folk music – and I’m talking about any and all kinds of European folk music, stretching back to medieval times and right up to the present day – and inject it with such flagrant chutzpah. This quintet absolutely rock and brandish their guitar, fiddle and double bass, to which they add the rhythmic energy of flute and drums, with dashing aplomb. When they hit a groove, boy, does it stay hit, and their furious dance melodies are always guaranteed to raise the roof. And, yes, they often play with a knowing nod and a wink – there are no po-faced types at their gigs – but that shouldn’t disguise the incredible musicianship they always display.

Sheelanagig + Backyard Rhythm Orchestra, Friday 22 November, Cluny 2, Ouseburn, Newcastle, 8pm, £12.50. thecluny.com