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Music Editorial

kaleidscope19.jpg Special K

This happy bunch are the movers and groovers behind Kaleidoscope, one of the region’s finest record labels and artist management companies. They’re celebrating their 4th anniversary this year with a vinyl release worth getting very exited about.

And that mustard-coloured vinyl release is a 10-track compilation album that features some of the amazing talent that Kaleidoscope have broken bread with including Callum Pitt (amazing), Fever Days (amazing) and SHIELDS (amazing). Since the Newcastle based company set up shop they have racked up nearly 50 releases, many of which have been reviewed in the likes of the Guardian, NME and Mojo, and also been given airtime on BBC Radio 1 & 2 as well as BBC 6 Music. Label founder, and SHIELDS member, Luke Elgie: “The label started out purely as a means to release our own music but then we started receiving demos from local and national artists. Four years on, we are just as excited about showcasing these artists as we ever were about playing our own music.”

Seek: kaleidoscope-music.co.uk