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Stage Editorial

masque19.jpg Red alert!

Edgar Allan Poe’s terrifying classic ‘The Masque of the Red Death’ is coming to Middlesbrough Theatre in November. Crikey!

And this chiller is coming from Rumpus Theatre Company who have got form when it comes to putting the willies up audiences. Previous productions from this talented bunch have included the likes of ‘The Devil’s Bride’, which was deliciously creepy, and ‘The Red Room’, which had punters perched on the very edge of their seats. Their latest sees them tackle one of Edgar Allan Poe’s best known works, ‘The Masque of the Red Death’, which sees Prince Prospero and a handful of the nobs shut themselves away in a heavily fortified castle while a terrible plague rages outside. Indifferent to the suffering of the populace the Prince throws a lavish ball, but as the clock ticks towards midnight a mysterious guest is found in their midst…

The Masque of the Red Death, Wednesday 20 November, Middlesbrough Theatre, 7.30pm, £15.50. middlesbroughtheatre.co.uk