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Queer Editorial

blusher.jpg Blusher

June is the start of the holiday season, so assuming you have the time and the funds to go on holiday, where are you going? Does your sexuality influence your choices?

Holidays are all about breaking routines. It doesn't have to be an extreme break - if you work in a stressful office 9-5, maybe all you want is some sunshine; so two weeks of intensive lying on a beach would appeal.
Exactly what you do on holiday is unlikely to be affected by your sexuality, but where you choose to go is another matter. 
The big issue - that homosexuality is illegal in 76 countries - turns out to not actually be such a big issue, as long as you're a western tourist. Funny how cold hard cash helps hoteliers turn a blind eye to same-sex couples booking double rooms. If you're female, even better - those anti-gay rules are usually applied disproportionately to men. Whether you want to support the tourist industry in a homophobic country is another matter, of course.
But even casual homophobia and/or sexism, is tiresome, and so it's hardly surprising that so many gay people choose to holiday in places where it's unlikely to be an issue. Berlin. Amsterdam. Barcelona. Further afield: San Francisco. Vancouver. Sydney. What if you don't want a city break? What if you just want that sandy beach? There is of course one famous lesbian holiday destination, one so famous it has its own poet: the Greek island of Lesbos. Would an an island populated entirely by lesbians appeal? Depends on what your daily routine is I suppose... MS