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Music Editorial

birdmancult19.jpg Local: Birdman Cult

Birdman Cult were formed in South Shields but now appear to be based in Bristol. No matter, we’re still claiming them as one of our own.

And we’re claiming them as one of our own because their debut single (out 6 December on Donut Recordings) is a roisterous blast of defiance that we can really get behind: “You’ll never see no flies on me, Whether it be land or sea, I’ve been around the block, I’ve took a lot of knocks, Still I’m standing on my feet.” It’s the kind of wired alt rock – all fiery riffs, sturdy vocal attack and pounding rhythms – that should be snapped up by the makers of ‘Peaky Blinders’ forthwith because this would sound superb over slow-motion footage of well-dressed people shooting each other in the face. The video for the song is replete with devilish symbols, skulls and a bunch of mysterious figures clad in hoods (that’s the band – Ed.), which also appeals to my inner dark side. Their name? Apparently it was part inspired by ‘The Birdman Cult’ an ancient religious sect who once inhabited Easter Island, which, again, gets a hearty slap on the back from me (I’m a sucker for ancient sects). Check their Facebook page for more, IF YOU THINK THAT YOU CAN HANDLE IT.

Seek: facebook.com/birdmancult