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Music Editorial

bareroots19.jpg Local: BARE ROOTS

There’s no messing around with BARE ROOTS (feel the awesome power of their capital letters). Their sound is all in caps, too.

Say “Hi, how’s tricks?” to Anthony Francis (vocals, guitar), Joe Anderson (bass), Martin Corkhill (drums) and Ollie Petrie (guitar), a Newcastle rock band who are certainly not letting the grass grow under their feet. They only formed in March of this year but they’re already four singles deep into making a real name for themselves, especially among those who hanker after that classic rock sound (think: Kings of Leon, Biffy Clyro, Pearl Jam, The Foos etc). Their latest single ‘Dirty Feet’ is a real rollicking affair which I can imagine filling an arena with ease with its anthemic chorus, firework-display drumming and riffs the size of Donald Trump’s hairspray bill. But the band don’t just trade in the big and the ballsy. They also know how to throttle back too, such as on earlier release ‘Always’, which shows off a significant amount of songwriting nous. As they stand, they’re not going to be receiving too many nominations for the ‘Exciting New Directions In Music’ trophy, but fans of melodic rock are sure to find plenty to get really excited about here.

Seek: barerootsband.com