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Film Editorial

shaun19.jpg Shaun the Sheep: Farmageddon

Directors: Will Belcher, Richard Phelan

Following the disappointingly just okay prehistoric football pic ‘Early Man’ Aardman Animation regain their mojo with the second big screen solo outing for the rascally quadruped. It’s business as usual for Shaun and co as we catch up with them at Mossy Bottom farm. A splendid visual gag has the long-suffering guard dog Bitzer frantically knocking up prohibitive signs as Shaun and co embark on ever more comically elaborate pranks. Meanwhile the village is rife with rumours of UFO sightings and paranormal activities. The ever-opportunistic farmer decides to cash in on the mania by building an extra-terrestrial-themed theme park. Shaun makes a new friend, a real ET called Lu-La who has lost his/her alien parents. While Shaun plots to get Lu-La home, black suit clad secret service goons are closing in. The picture sports Aardman’s usual combination of lovingly-detailed animation with blink and you’ll miss them gags, endearing silliness, vividly-sketched characters and breakneck action, this time around with numerous witty nods to various sci-fi classics. The inspired post-credits sequence is as apposite as it is funny.