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richarddawson19lp.jpg Richard Dawson

2020 (Domino)

“Open your eyes, time to wake up,” is the first line you’ll hear on Richard Dawson’s sixth studio album. It’s from the track ‘Civil Servant’, which is about the drudgery of unfulfilling work, but the line could be read as a clarion call of sorts. ‘2020’ is a state of the nation address, which takes in floods, soulless warehouse jobs, the harsh treatment of immigrants and non-professional football (“You’re not Lionel Messi – pass the bloody ball”). Dawson has a Half Man Half Biscuit-like way with words, the quotidian elevated through wit and despair, and I imagine these vignettes of working-class life would be the kind of stuff that Ken Loach would make if his calling was in folk music rather than film. Superb.