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Stage Editorial

janeeyre19.jpg The full Brontë

Charlotte Brontë’s classic novel ‘Jane Eyre’ has been adapted for the stage by Blackeyed Theatre and it’s coming to the Gala in Durham in early November.

Ah, perfect! As the nights draw in I’m always in the market for a nice slice of gothic and Charlotte Brontë’s most famous novel really hits my sweet spot. It tells the story of an orphan lass and her journey from a childhood of loneliness and cruelty to a life at Thornfield Hall and an unlikely relationship with the mysterious Mr Rochester. Falling in love, she gradually uncovers a hidden past to the gloomy, forbidding hall, as well as a terrible secret… The wonderful Blackeyed Theatre have form when it comes to putting classic novels on stage, with everything from ‘Dracula’ to ‘The Trial’ to ‘A Christmas Carol’ all winning them many plaudits, but this is their first stab at a Brontë and I, for one, can’t wait to get ensnared in this unforgettable tale.

Jane Eyre, Tuesday 5-Wednesday 6 November, Gala Theatre, Durham, 7.30pm, £12-£15. galadurham.co.uk