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ss13.jpg These lads look like they’ve been dosing up on Farah

If Farah’s new collection was a motor vehicle, it would be a VW campervan: fun, vibrant and thrumming with all the possibilities of a summer filled with excitement.

I used to be on nodding terms with a bloke I’d pass regularly on the street who I knew worked for the civil service. A fella in his 50s, I don’t suppose there was a day went by when I didn’t see him in a pair of sand coloured Farah slacks. He was not what you’d call a sharp dresser. But Farah has slipped in and out of fashion more times than Paul Weller’s haircut, and, judging by their latest gear, they’re suddenly on an upward swing yet again and leaving sartorially challenged civil servants behind them in their wake. Their new summer vintage collection borrows from the preppy clobber of Tokyo, which, in turn, was inspired by 1950s Americana. Lashings of colour, with a mishmash of print, pattern and texture will help keep you looking swanky over the forthcoming months, with not a sand coloured pair of action slacks in sight. 

Farah Vintage is available across all House of Fraser stores, Urban Outfitters and ASOS. farah.co.uk