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swatchbau.jpg Swatch! Take a Bau…

Swatch’s latest range of watches pay tribute to one of the key arty movements of the 20thcentury: Bauhaus.

What time is it? What time isn’t it! I usually shy away from Swatch gear. To my eye their aesthetic is a tad garish and they look like they have been put together by someone being paid by the colour. That said, I reckon they’ve really hit on something with these Bauhaus inspired timepieces. The German art school has been yakked about quite a bit this year because it’s the 100thanniversary of its foundation. It existed in three German cities (kicking off in Weimar from 1919 to 1925) and would go on to influence modern design, modernist architecture and 1970s goth bands. Needless to say, Hitler was not a fan. He saw the school as a hive of communist intellectualism and promptly pulled their form-follows-function plug. But in the Führervs Bauhaus smackdown, who do you think won the affection of the public in the long run? Well, let’s put it this way: I don’t think Swatch will be making Hitler watches any time soon.

Seek: shop.swatch.com