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hikerdellic.jpg Take a Hikerdelic

British label Hikerdelic make some of our very favourite coats and, seeing as winter is no longer an abstract concept that may happen sometime in the future, but an actual thing that is going to happen in about five minutes, we reckon you might be interested in this.

Hikerdelic is where peak meets the precinct. They’re not my words, they’re Hikerdelic’s. It is their – what’s the word? – ethos? They want, it says here, to “bring together the two worlds of rambling and raving in one concept”. There’s more: “It crosses streams with late 80s Acid House and finds the perfect position between shopping centres and outdoor pursuits”. What all of that applesauce means is the label has been put together by a bunch of dance fans who also know the value of a well-positioned toggle. They’ve recently collaborated with outdoor specialists Barbour for this Pitt Jacket. Crafted from wax-coated cotton, this beauty has a patchwork appearance with contrast sleeves, pockets, and a drawstring hood. It’s a little more roomy than your regular Barbour product, but that’s kind of ideal if you want to go raving up a mountain.

Seek: hikerdelic.com