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Queer Editorial

bisexual-revolution.jpg Right to bi scheme

Hey bisexuals! Sick of being yawn-inducingly labelled as “greedy” or “traitorous”? A new book “Bi: Notes for a Bisexual Revolution” might be right up your street.

Shiri Eisner isn’t afraid to stick her head above the parapet. An Israeli she identifies as feminist, bisexual, genderqueer, anarchist and crazy cat lady, and her forthcoming call to arms (or “book”, depending on your particular bent) entitled “Bi: Notes for a Bisexual Revolution” is aiming to but the “B” into “LGBT” with an overdue look at bisexual politics from the issues surrounding biphobia/monosexism, feminism and transgenderism. She also looks at the practice of labelling those who identify as bi as either “too bisexual” or “not bisexual enough”. Sounds like a lot of fun and if you can get past her assertion in Chapter 1, “What is Bisexuality”, in which she postulates “I have no idea what bisexuality means” then you’ll find much thought-provoking polemic to enjoy here. 

Bi: Notes for a Bisexual Revolution is published by Seal Press on 20 June. sealpress.com