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Music Editorial

salsola19.jpg Say hello to Salsola

Salsola, a source tells me (ie Wikipedia), is a kind of shrub or small tree. It’s also the name of an up and coming band from the region who are well worthy of your attention.

Salsola play the kind of rattlingly good indie that you may have suspected had fallen by the wayside of late. They know how to pen a catchy melody (case in point: ‘Embers’), which comes replete with fist punching the air chorus and wired guitars. They’ve also got a nicely salty punky feel, which gives them that extra bit of oomph. They’re a four-piece (throw hive-fives in the direction of Vicky Wright: vocals and guitar; Peter Wright: guitar; Kev Kaye: bass; Luke Murray: drums) and formed at the back end of 2017. They’ve shared a stage at the Last Train Home Festival in Darlington with the like of The Van Ts and the very brilliant PINS, and banged out their debut EP ‘An Ordinary Thrill’ last summer. This led on to multiple plays on BBC Tees Introducing. They’re releasing their second single in early November and will be celebrating with a gig in Stockton. Best bit? You’re all invited.

Salsola, Saturday 2 November, The Green Room, The Georgian Theatre, Stockton, 8pm, £5. georgiantheatre.co.uk