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RI-BIL-SR.jpg Bow wow WOW!

Bulldog rings are now available to buy from the BALTIC shop. At last!

I love BALTIC and can often be found wafting around their galleries exploring the gaps that exist between epistemological thought and Baudrillardian theory, but, you know, sometimes I like to pop in to get myself a ring that looks just like a bulldog. I’ll say that again: A RING THAT LOOKS JUST LIKE A BULLDOG! COME ON! These rings (that look just like a bulldog) are made by ‘Me and Zena’, come in silver and gold, and have bejewelled neck-ties and those all important wiggly eyes. They’re also guaranteed to provide you with a trusty companion for the rest of your days (if you’re insane). The rings are just part of BALTIC’s natty jewellery range which also includes Merry Bird Cage Earrings (designed by Michiel Cornelissen using 3D printing technology, £28.95), Pow-Factor necklaces (by Swank Jewellery and very pop-art-esque, £25) and Summer Bunting necklaces (from Tatty Devine, £29). It’s the bulldogs that have captured my heart, however. They’re the veritable bollocks. 

Bulldog rings, £30. BALTIC, Gateshead. balticmill.com/shop