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Music Editorial

greatgeordie19.jpg The Great Geordie Songbook

The Great Geordie Songbook is going to be very great indeed as it’s coming our way courtesy of Wisecrack Production who have been responsible for some stellar shows over the past few years.

Wisecrack Productions document working class history in the most accessible and entertaining way possible and they have been responsible for some of the most feet-stamping-in-appreciation shows around. We’re talking the likes of ‘Mr Corvan’s Music Hall’ and ‘The Great Joe Wilson’, as well as ‘Hadaway Harry’ and ‘Carrying David’. ‘The Great Geordie Songbook’ is a celebration of local songwriters and stars some of the region’s biggest theatre stars including Sarah Boulter (pictured), Micky Cochrane and Jamie Brown. Among the local talent celebrated will be the likes of Alan Hull, Joe Wilson, Ned Corvan, Geordie Ridley, Billy Mitchell, Judy Dinning, Tommy Armstrong, Alex Glasgow, Johnny Handle and Pete Scott. What else? Brilliant musical comedy from Gavin Webster and Josh Daniels? You got it!

The Great Geordie Songbook, Sunday 3 November, Sage 2, Sage Gateshead, 4pm & 8pm, £20. sagegateshead.com