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Music Editorial

cortneydixon19.jpg Local: Courtney Dixon

This Newcastle lass has just released her debut single and it’s had me scrambling around the office shouting: ‘Who the fudge has got my “Amazing New Talent” klaxon?’

And that single’s title in full: ‘Summer’s Eyes’. And you should know straight off the bat that Summer, in this case, is not a season full of wasps in your sandwiches and Wimbledon on the telly. Summer, in this case, is a woman who has been made a monkey of in the “being cheated on” department. Cortney Dixon: “Summer’s Eyes is about when you learn your lover has been unfaithful. When this song was first written, it was more of a fictional story to me, but as time passed, it became non-fictional…” Oh no! Which fool sold this vision of vintage clobber and extravagant curls down the river? Whoever it was it’s their loss, because this lass is packing real talent. ‘Summer’s Eyes’ is an amazing pop song, which comes from the same sort of songwriting gene pool as classic 70s stuff from the likes of Carly Simon and Fleetwood Mac (there’s a brief glimpse of Carole King’s ‘Tapestry’ album in the video, which gives you some idea of where she’s coming from). And there’s more than a touch of – whisper it – Kate Bush about this, which is the kind of praise I don’t dish out willy-nilly.

Seek: cortneydixon.co.uk