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Music Editorial

nottimeforreason19.jpg Local: No Time For Reason

This Newcastle three-piece are going places if their debut single is anything to go by.

And the places that No Time For Reason are going are those place with lots of lights, lots of moshing and lots of people screaming, “I love your songs! Please play some more!” Their debut single is ‘Reviver’, which, as calling cards go, is a pretty good one, especially if you like a chunky classic rock sound. It comes fitted with plenty of pop chops and really takes off while others around them are merely content to chug along. File under: Anthem. Their Facebook page claims their influences are: “Panic at the Disco meets Bloc Party with a hint of Biffy Clyro” and I’m not going to argue too much with that. The band is fronted by David Stoker with other members coming in the shape of Charlie Philp (lead guitar) and Henry Poxon (bass) and they have already played a headline show at The Cluny (where they sold an impressive 250 tickets). They’ve got more stuff planned for release later on this year, which you should be able to track down on Spotify and online. Get to it!

Seek: facebook.com/notimeforreason