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Our Crack Little Crack

boris.jpg Can I Swear?

Boris Johnson. Can I swear? Fuck me! It seems you can’t switch on the news at the minute without a police officer collapsing behind him, or a member of his own family pushing him down a metaphorical mine shaft. Most impressive however is his House of Commons record. Four debates, four defeats. A 100% loss rate (even Steve Bruce has got better figures than that). His stint as Prime Minister is like a rolling party political broadcast for all the other parties. But among all the lies, bluster and sackings Sajid Javid’s publication of departmental budgets has went under the radar a little. The Chancellor claimed that he was drawing a line under austerity and about to embark on a “decade of renewal”. HRRRNNKKKK! Hang on a second! The Tories have set about dismantling public services and the welfare state over the last decade and now they want some credit for papering over the cracks. It’s like someone has shit in your bed and then said: “I’m fully intent on cleaning up 10% of that shit over the next ten years. Are we good?”