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Stage Editorial

artofcuddling.jpg Have a cuddle

The Art of Cuddle & Other Things is coming to Alphabetti Theatre in Newcastle this September.

Using high level circus, dance, theatre and musical composition CIRC Motif produce a rich artistic performance, full of nuance which poetic imagery and jaw dropping skills provoke audiences to look into themselves and each other.  The human brain is controlled by a vast myriad of chemicals which, essentially, make up everything we do. How we live our life, our personality traits and every decision we’ve ever made. How and why do we love? Hate? Deel pain, develop addictions? Create behaviour patterns and even make the most simplest decisions?  The Art of Cuddling & Other Things amplifies these topics of humanity and project images of shared existence in hopes to remind us all of the importance to stay human.

The Art of Cuddling & Other Things, Tuesday 17-Saturday 21 September, Alphbetti Theatre, Newcastle, 7.30pm, pay what you feel. https://www.ticketsignite.com/event/1638/the-art-of-cuddling---other-things-by-circ-motif